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Megger’s measuring instruments are a proven for reliable maintenance of electrical equipment

30 november 2023

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Megger has a long history of innovation that is the result of the company’s close cooperation with its customers in solving their current and future technical challenges. The company was founded in 1889, when the British engineer Sydney Evershed invented the first megohmmeter. He has always been a pioneer in the invention of electrical test equipment and in the early 1900s his engineers created the AVO. This is the first analog multimeter to test current (A), voltage (V) and resistance (O), which is where the company name AVO International comes from. Even in those early years, Megger managed to adapt to the changing technologies and industrial demands with many inventions and patents.



Today, Megger designs and manufactures more than 300 types of electrical measurement instruments and accompanying software for testing a wide range of electrical equipment. Megger brand devices are distinguished with many additional safety and protection features for the users and the equipment being test, providing safe shutdown in cases of misuse. The tools have touch screens, intuitive guidance and automated procedures that make the testing easy and quick.


The enterprise is constantly expanding the range of applications that it supports through the acquisition of new companies. These are Progamma, Sweden, for transformer and protection testing, acquired in 2005; SebaKMT, Germany, for cable fault localization and diagnosis, acquired in 2012; Baker Instruments, USA, for motor and generator testing, acquired in 2018; and Power Diagnostics, Germany, for partial discharge testing – acquired in 2019.


Megger’s team is aware that electrical equipment test tools are used in harsh operating conditions, therefore all of its products are with a highly IP safety rating and feature high-strength housings. Megger’s wide range of test equipment is extremely suitable for solving challenges commonly found in industrial environments, including:

- Testing of insulation from low to high voltage, AC and DC;

- Testing of motors and generators in operational and non-operational mode;

- Cable fault testing and diagnostics;

- Testing of tools and power transformers;

- Testing of protections, relays and circuit breakers;

- Detection and monitoring of water leaks.


Megger is a leading global instrument manufacturer with proven measurement and test technologies. The company offers a broad product portfolio that includes solutions for testing the transmission of electrical energy from the power plant to the power socket. Insulation testers, microohmmeters and multimeters are among Megger’s long line of inventions, that turn it into one of the pioneers in the electrical industry.


“We at Megger are there to help you, the users, in choosing test equipment and to provide you with technical support during its operation,” the company informed.



Megger’s test instruments designed for industrial application include:


- Multifunctional testers and accessories, MFT series;

- EV adapters;

- Insulation and circuit continuity testers, MIT series;

- Portable testers;

- Current measuring clamps for measuring grounding resistance;

- Testers for rotary machines/motors;

- Microohmmeters;

- TRMS digital multimeters;

- Reflectometers for testing cable defects and measuring the length of cables;

- Voltage indicators;

- Bipolar voltage testers;

- Electrical testers;

- Ampere pliers;

- Megger Link App;

- Photovoltaic sets;

- Testers for power measurement;

- Power quality analyzer;

- Thermal imaging cameras;

- Phase sequence indicators.


Adress: Bulgaria, Sofia, Blvd. "Sitnakovo" 35

Tel: +359 943 4803; +359 2 846 8294; +359 887 783 514





Source of images: Megger Bulgaria, Megger

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