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A tender has been announced for the purchase of auxiliary machinery for REC Bitolya

11 april 2018

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Macedonian state power company Elektrani of Macedonia (ELEM) announced a tender for the purchase of auxiliary machinery for the mining-energy plant (REK) Bitolya, learned from The engagement of an external excavation machinery is one of the main expenditures of ELEM AD.



According to the Director of ELEM AD Dragan Minovski, during the last 10 years the state company has paid nearly 93 million to private companies, performing this type of services. The envisioned sum for mechanization of REK Bitolya amounts to EUR 19 million. The main objective of the enterprise is the improvement of its competitiveness on the market, while at the same time reducing the prices for the electricity consumption.


It is expected that by the end of the year the state-owned company will have purchased the necessary machinery, and in 2019 REK Bitolya to be operating fully independently without recourse to outside services.


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