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The Romanian company Hidroelectrica will reconstruct HPP “Vidraru”

08 march 2018

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The Romanian hydroelectric power company Hidroelectrica will reconstruct HPP “Vidraru”, learned from The project aims to extend the life of the hydro power plant by at least 30 years.



This step will increase the active power of each hydro-aggregate from 55 MW to 58.8 MW, while ensuring better reliability, reducing the need of maintenance and increasing the safety during operation. “Our focus is on the enhancement of the overall efficiency of the facility and on the implementation of the latest automated control systems,” Hidroelectrica president Bogdan Badea said.


HPP “Vindaru” was build between 1961 and 1966 on the Arges River and was designed to function primarily at a maximum load of installed capacity of 220 MW and an annual average power output of 400 GWh.


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