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Balkan News

MEPSO will build four new transmission lines in Macedonia

12 march 2018

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Macedonia’s Electric Transmission System Operator (MEPSO) has announced a call for tender over the construction of four new 100 km (100kV) transmission lines, learned.



“The tender is open until mid-April and includes the construction of transmission lines on the already existing routes Bitola 1-Prilep, Skopje 4-Veles, Stip-Ovce Pole and Veles – Ovce Pole, which are over 50 years old. The construction works are expected to be completed by the end of  2020”, MEPSO stated.


The total cost of the project is EUR 14 million. It is a part of Macedonia’s investment cycle worth over EUR 50 million for the revitalization and development of the transmission network, which aims to support the Macedonian economy with the involvement of local companies and experts.


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