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Romania will be maintaining the Black Hawk UH-60 helicopter

03 april 2018

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On March 21, 2018, during a meeting held in the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Romaero and Sikorsky, part of the Lockheed Martin group, signed an industrial partnership agreement, according to which the future equipment work and maintenance of the UH-60 helicopter will be carried out in Bucharest, learned from The Romania



The center in Bucharest will constitute the only Lockheed Martin authorized station for the maintenance of helicopters from the Black Hawk UH-60 series in central Europe. The project is part of the strategic partnership between Romania and the US aimed at the strengthening of the stability and the security of the region.


“The company’s ability to service the most modern helicopter will allow Romania to maintain the country’s strategic presence in the Black Sea region at an exclusively affordable price”, Eric Schreiber, vice president of Sikorsky, said. Romaero also expressed their willingness to assist in the ensuring of the successful realization of this project.


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