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New treatment plant was built in Kicevo, Macedonia

10 july 2018

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Kicevo Municipality in Republic of Macedonia received a new wastewater treatment plant, which will permanently solve the problem of wastewater in the region and raise the standards related to environmental protection, learned.



The treatment plant is located near Kicevo with an installed capacity of 48 000 population equivalent. The total cost of the investment is EUR 8.3 million. The project was completed in collaboration with EU to the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Central Financing and Contracting Unit of the Ministry of Finance. 


The successful implementation of the project is a prerequisite for the completion of another project for construction of sewerage network in the municipality with a length of approximately 100 kilometers. The new treatment plant, built in less than two years, is the second project completed after construction of the sewage in Sachevo village, Strumica. It is expected a third treatment facility to be put into operation in Radovis. The total value of these projects amounts to EUR 21 million.


Source of images: Kicevo Municipality

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