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Macedonia to restore Cebren and Galiste hydropower projects

15 may 2018

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Macedonia plans to modernize its existing hydroelectric and thermal power plants, including Cebren and Galiste hydropower plants (HPPs) construction, learned from The country foresees by the end of 2019 the produced energy by HPPs to be increased to 780 MW.



Cebren and Galiste HPPs construction on the Crna river in southern Macedonia was initially  planned at the end of the last century. The project capacity of the two facilities is 333/347 MW and 193.5 MW, respectively, and the required investment is estimated to € 220 million.


Macedonia’s energy relies mostly on thermal plant power production and in 2017 it amounted to  3.475 GWh, and hydropower – only to 1.110 Gwh. The country’s striving is to develop its hydropower resources in increasing energy security and electricity export potential.


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