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Kostal and eight more companies to build facilities in the new high-tech park in Skopje

07 march 2018

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Nine companies are planning to invest in the building of facilities in the new high-tech park in Skopje, learned from CIJ Part of the investors are the auto electrical system manufacturer – Kostal, the Albanian pharmaceutical company Sagen and Murat Ticaret Kablo.



The international company for auto electrical systems Kostal will open 350 jobs by investing nearly 30 million euro in its new production base in the Macedonian capital.


The pharmaceutical manufacturer Sagen plans to invest more than 20 million euro in the construction of a new production facility, creating a total of 300 new jobs. The work on the plant is expected to begin in June 2018, and the overall completion of the site will take a total of 5 years.


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