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Нуди работа / Quality Team Lead

07/08/24 назад
АББ Блгариja ДООЕЛ


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Quality Team Lead
At ABB, we are dedicated to addressing global challenges. Our core values: care, courage, curiosity, and collaboration - combined with a focus on diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities - are key drivers in our aim to empower everyone to create sustainable solutions. That's our story. Make it your story.

Your role and responsibilities:

In this role, you will have the opportunity to ensure local unit has the necessary capabilities to effectively control products and systems. Each day, you will ensure compliance with internal, customer, and industry requirements within a cost-effective and safe working environment. You will also showcase your expertise by developing and implementing standards and test methods to ensure only compliant products, software, and services are released to the customer.

The work model for the role is: onsite

This role is contributing to the Process Automation industry.

You will be mainly accountable for:

  • Leading the planning, and execution of tests, controls, verifications, and validations that are directly related to products, systems, and/or delivery processes. Leading of execution of internal and external product quality audits;
  • Coordinating a proper interface between quality control needs and activities for supplier quality, production quality, testing and validation, and engineering, as applicable;
  • Executing and assisting in specific quality control-related training, promoting a passion for quality and integrity in all actions, with a focus on result orientation; and ensuring organization has necessary hardware and software capabilities to ensure products and systems meet specified requirements and customer expectations;
  • Ensuring deployment of metrics and tools related to quality control in incoming items, production, factory, or software test labs, and final inspection quality, as applicable.

Qualifications for the role:

  • You are highly skilled in Problem Solving, Continues Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and production environment;
  • You have 5 years of experience in quality field on relevant position and industry;
  • Bachelor’s Degree with technical background;
  • Very good written & spoken English.

More about us
We value people from different backgrounds. Could this be your story?
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