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Нуди работа / Manufacturing Group Leader

06/01/23 назад
Сентилион ДООЕЛ


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Manufacturing Group Leader
Imagine a world where everyone has equal opportunities to grow and develop not stopped by diseases and sickness.

This is what our vision for the world is. Our mission at CENTILLION is to help people by creating and manufacturing cutting-edge products changing the environment and the world around us.

We are dedicated experts partnering with global leaders in Medicine, Aviation, Aerospace, Industrial equipment, etc.


We believe that perfection could be found in every detail and we work to prove every day that CENTILLION is synonymous of high quality.

Following the company changes, our department MANUFACTURING OF ELECTRONIC MODULES AND SYSTEMS needs you- professional with experience and attitude to share your knowledge and desire to change the world. We invite You to join the team by accepting the challenges and opportunities of the role


  • Organize, coordinate and control all operations in the teams for which you are responsible, in order to ensure that the quantities produced meet the production plans as well as all quality requirements;
  • Participate in the selection and implementation of new equipment, processes and software products;
  • Participate in planning the resources needed for production, ensure that the needed equipment, documentation, training for the production process are provided;
  • Prepare plans for all teams you are responsible for, controls and reports on its implementation;
  • Responsible for the organization of workplaces and processes in your area;
  • Responsible for the proper operation of the equipment;
  • Controls the provision of materials, assemblies, products in order to execute the daily production plan;
  • Responsible for compliance with work instructions, technological and labor discipline, safety regulations;
  • Report the performance of the KPIs of the group of teams for which you are responsible;
  • Responsible for achieving FPY and YIELD indicators;
  • In case of escalation of noncompliance, assists team leaders in eliminating it.

  • Technical University Degree;
  • Relevant working experience;
  • Knowledge about specific processes in electronic manufacturing;
  • Knowledge (theoretical and practical) about the basic properties about materials used in electronic manufacturing ;
  • Good communication skills, written and verbally in English;
  • Pro-active attitude and ability to prioritize;
  • Strong analytic and problem- solving skills;
  • Good social and intercultural skills.
  • In return of your passion, energy, and expertise we can offer:
  • Opportunity to become part of an innovative industrial company;
  • Individual learning path, defined by your needs;
  • Friendly, informal and diverse environment and team;
  • Competitive remuneration package;
  • Additional insurance, variety of small office perks, food vouchers, home-office time, balanced workload.

Did you like what you read?
Invite us for a meeting by sending your CV and answering the short questions we have added bellow.
All shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a meeting were we can learn more for each other and plan our future success together.

The personal data provided by you will be processed only for the purposes of the recruitment process. CENTILLION takes the responsibility to handle, use and store your personal data, ensuring its protection in secret from the third parties.
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